The fig plant is a bush or small tree, from 1 meter (3 feet) to 10 to 12 meters (33 to 39 feet) high, with broad, rough, deciduous leaves that are deeply lobed or sometimes nearly entire. The leaves and stems exude white latex when broken.

The mountain or rock fig ("Anjeer Kohi", انجیر کوهی, in Persian) is a wild variety, tolerant of cold dry climates, of the semi-arid rocky montane regions of Iran, grows especially in the Mountains of Khorasan and Fars province. Figs can be eaten fresh or dried and used in jam-making. Most commercial production is in dried or otherwise processed forms since the ripe fruit does not transport well, and once picked does not keep well.
Iran is the third-largest producer of figs in the world, with the highest production in the city of Esteban.
No chemical materials and hormones are used in growing this product, Accordingly, the dried figs are organic and natural products. Harvesting of figs in Iran begins in August.

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Figs are commercially classified into the following types:


*Open mouth Figs(101)
These figs are the most expensive type of figs in the Iranian market, which are naturally open-mouth. These figs are classified into 3 groups: 101A, 101AA, and 101AAA.



*Close mouth Figs
These figs are sorted with the mouth closed. These figs are classified into 3 groups A(18-20mm), AA(21-23mm) and AAA(x>24mm).These types of figs are in greater demand for export.
Dried figs range in color from light brown(white)to dark brown.




*Open mouth Figs(101)


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*Close mouth Figs


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Figs have a variety of potential health benefits. They improve digestion and decrease constipation, help manage blood fat and blood sugar levels, and kill cancer cells.
1-It is rich in powerful antioxidants
Figs improve the health of the body due to their antioxidants. Oxidation affects almost the entire body and is associated with various diseases such as premature aging and cancer. Foods rich in antioxidants such as figs help fight these side effects.
2-It Promote digestive health
Figs have long been used as a home remedy or an alternative treatment for digestive problems like constipation.
They contain fiber, which may help promote digestive health by softening and adding bulk to stools, decreasing constipation, and serving as a prebiotic — or food source for the healthy bacteria populating your gut.
3-It improves vascular and heart health
Figs may improve blood pressure and blood fat levels, which can help improve your vascular health and decrease your risk of heart disease.
4-It May help manage blood sugar levels
A more recent study found that drinks containing high doses of fig fruit extract had a lower glycemic index (GI) than beverages with no fig fruit extract, meaning these drinks would have a more favorable effect on blood sugar levels.
5-Potential anticancer properties
Many promising test-tube studies have been conducted on the effects of fig on cancer cells.
Fig and natural latex from fig plants have been shown to exhibit antitumor activity against human colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer cells.
6-It May promote healthy skin
Figs may have some beneficial effects on the skin, especially in people with allergic dermatitis — or dry, itchy skin as a result of allergies.



Nutrition Facts

Nutritional value per 100 g dried figs

249 kcal
3.3 g
0.93 g
Dietary fiber
9.8 g
0 mg
47.92 g
162 mg
2.03 mg
68 mg
67 mg
680 mg
Vitamin C
1.2 mg
9 mcg
15.8 mg
6 mcg
Lutein and zeaxanthin
32 mcg
Vitamin K
15.6 mcg

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