About us

Parsin company was founded in 2017 based on the years of experience of the founder & CEO of this company in the food industry as a supplier & exporter of Iranian dried fruits and nuts.
From the beginning, we have attempted to render the best quality products to our customers all over the world by annually_evaluating and selecting the best farmers and producers of each product.
With the knowledge of supply, production, and specialized personnel, we are proud to supply the highest quality products to our customers in the briefest delivery time.

We have come to be by your side as a friend and trustworthy consultant to respond to your concerns in providing the best quality Iranian products forever.
Our goal is sustainability in supplying products, developing and maintaining the credibility of our company, and have more satisfied clients from around the world, which is valuable to us.


Hamidreza Vahedi(chief executive officer)


Contact Info

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Iran Office

No 104,28th Alley,Emamat st,Mashhad,Iran

PARSINFOODS(Sazeh Davam co)